The best time to do workout at home

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People always wandering when is best time to do workout at home. For them who do workout especially at home, they might have a whole day depending how what time they’ll be at home. It can be morning, midday, or evening. People who do home workout usually want to efficiently utilize their time and get the best result of their workout sessions. There are no clear or correct answer for “when is the best time to do exercise?” question. Everyone has their own theories based on their experience. Whether you start the day with your morning jog or you prefer to lift some dumbbell in your sweat sessions at the end of the day, it’s obvious that whenever you’re exercising is always better than grabbing some fries and drinking a can of soda.

Our body doesn’t always react one specific time of doing exercise. Research proves that there are various reactions of human body towards workout time. There is the early bird who get the best result when doing workout in the morning. There is also midday heroes who spend their lunch break doing some exercises. Last, there is the night owl who break their sweat before they sleep. There’s nothing wrong with each one of them. But there are certain advantages and disadvantages of those three. Each one of them also has certain benefit and purpose either to body building or weight loss. So it’s all depending on your body and your goals. You can also consider about the equipment that you want to use in your workout session.

Morning Workout

When you do the exercise in the morning, you’re taking advantage of this peak, instead of forcing all your efforts to happen later in the day. Morning workout gives your metabolic rate a boost and is the best time to burn your calories throughout the day.

If you do workout in the morning, it will boost your metabolic rate. While the activity you select does define in how high your rate of metabolism level, exercising in the morning provides you a good start to your day and it also increase your calorie burning process running throughout the day. Known as post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC, you can boost the after-burn effect by doing cardio workouts like High intensity interval training or HIIT.

Midday Workout

Midday workouts may not fit to every condition, but just one or two a week can help fill in any gaps in your workout routine or help you burn a few extra calories during the week.

A midday workout can boost your mood and energy level. You may gain an energy reserves after lunch, but a short workout at noon may give you more energy for the rest of your work day.

Midday workout may also reduce your stress and is much better for you than the other option like going pantry room and eating something from the fridge.

Evening Workout

Strength and endurance are both higher in the midday, therefore the probability of injuries is decreased. Doing workout when body temperature at its lowest degree, which is in particular later in the day, around 5 or 7 p.m, may results in increased power and performance. At this moment,  your body is warmer than it is in the morning causing your muscles are more flexible. while heart rate and blood pressure are low, your reaction time is may be faster. Moreover, protein synthesis during this time reaches its peak. Based on this, intense workouts such as weight training or hard cardio should be included in your exercise list.They are good things to do during the evening workout.

Defining Your Best Time to Workout at Home

So when is best time to do workout at home? To create your own theory about what is your exercise’s best time, you don’t need to study about circadian rhythms. Steven Aldana, PhD, the health experts, advises to try different times of the day and see what fit you the most.

First, try to exercise in the morning for a few days, then try noon, lastly try early evening. Which do you enjoy the most and which one makes your body feel great afterward? You should also consider the exercise’s type, and your daily workout rules.

“Most of all, find a time that helps you make your exercise a regular, consistent part of your life,” says Aldana, a professor of lifestyle medicine in the department of exercise sciences at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. “This is more important than the time of day.”

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